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Webinar 1

Spring in Japan! 

Our first Webinar! This time we covered a simple topic, fitting the time and season of April. Come watch the first episode below as we cover spring in Japan for us at Ritsumeikan University. Our first attempt at running webinars and we hope you enjoy it.

  • Spring in Japan
  • Spring at Ritsumeikan
  • Q&A session


Webinar 2

A Top Global University! Ritsumeikan, past, present and future.

Our 2nd Webinar. Through this episode, we explain about Japanese Higher Education, how it has changed for Japanese universities. The steps the government of Japan has taken to further research through universities and the plans for the future.  We encourage students interested in coming to Japan, definitely read the links below. 


Here are links from the webinar:


Webinar 3

A Golden Week in Japan! 

In this episode, we have a fun webinar about a major Japanese Holiday period. We have a friend and guest that helped us present the topic and we think you will enjoy getting to know about Japan more. 

  • Interesting facts about the name
  • Background to the time spent on Holidays in Japan
  • What is it like to be a student at Ritsumeikan during Golden Week



Webinar 4

The 2021 Application Handbook! An Introduction and Deep Dive 

In this episode our host takes us through an introduction and a deep dive of the newly released 2021 Application Handbook for the AO Enrollment Admissions (English-Basis). We went right into the topic. This episode was longer than usual with a lot of important tips for any student looking to apply. They can use these tips for a better application. It was a good time answering tough questions as well. 

Webinar WednesdaysEp4(a)

Important points:

  • Japanese universities start their academic year in April. (Episode 1)
  • Preparation is paramount not just for Ritsumeikan but many universities, download, complete the documents beforehand
    Submit at the period. You have the chance to prepare from now
  • Ritsumeikan University's AO Admissions Method (English-basis) can be done online 
  • The application handbook is an incredibly useful document to have with you everywhere for applications at Ritsumeikan University
  • If you are still unsure about your eligibility for application, you can send an in-depth inquiry

Webinar 5

Study in Japan, Study in Kansai! Explore the Kansai Region

On our 5th Episode, we take an interactive adventure through Japan.  With pictures and interesting facts, we hope this short episode of the Kansai region  can give you a better understanding of the charm and uniqueness of living in Kansai. Choosing to study in Japan is a big decision. Japan is more than just Tokyo and each prefecture has their unique traits.

Come study in Japan and study in Kansai!

We had so much fun interacting with all of you throughout the webinar!



Webinar 6

Our English-Medium Programs!

In this episode, our host takes us through the English-medium programs available to study at Ritsumeikan University. An explanation of each program, what discipline focus each program has and talks about the courses in each program. This can help you decide which program that you would best suit your interest. This episode could also help you plan your applications as you can prepare for subjects that you are interested in. 

Webinar Wednesdays Ep. 6 (a)


Here are links to the programs and colleges that are mentioned in the video:


Webinar 7

Virtual Campus Tour - Kyoto Kinugasa Campus

In this episode we have a new friend from the International Admissions Office, as we tour the Kinugasa Campus. It was done over a live-stream as we look at the different buildings and campus facilities available to students who are based at the Kyoto Kinugasa Campus. Come join our programs, and who knows this could be where you will be based for study.

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 7(a)


Webinar 8

English Language Requirements? - An update included

In this episode, our host shares with us the details of looking at English Requirements for the English-medium programs at Ritsumeikan. A recent update made in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 is also explained in this episode. Contents that are covered in this episode are as of June 26, 2020 update from the university. 

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 8 (a)

Key Points:

  • As of June 26, 2020, these are temporary changes. Updates will be given if any future changes are made
  • Each English-medium program has their own English Proficiency Requirement
  • Updated application handbook can be downloaded at the download section


Webinar 9

Tsuyu! What is Tsuyu? Weather in Japan and how to be prepared

In this episode, our host is joined by a friend. A current Ritsumeikan student. What is it like to live in Japan? Have you thought of the weather in depth? Our host and friend share stories and experiences from living in Japan. The weather, alongside the climate, play a big factor to living in Japan. This also relates to how the weather can affect natural disasters. They also discuss the steps and what should we do be prepared, an integral factor to anyone, even if traveling to know when coming to Japan. 

Webinar Wednesday Episode 9 (a)


Webinar 10

Essay Writing? What is a good essay for university?

In this episode, our host interviews a current student of Ritsumeikan about their experience and growth in writing Essays. Come join as they provide advice and tips about fine-tuning the process of writing essays and understand academic writing at university. Have you thought about writing essays at high school? Have you considered that writing at university could be very different?  

Essay writing is an important skill at university and can also help you outside of university. We hope this episode can help high school students and current university students as well. 

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 10 (a)


Webinar 11

Ritsu-mate Portal. Introduction and How to Use

In our 11th episode, our host take us through Ritsu-mate. The application portal for submitting applications for the English-medium programs at Ritsumeikan University.  It is a live-preview of the system, to show how to set-up the account and submit the important documents for an application. They use the Ritsu-mate manual and the Application Handbook as a guide to complete the application. 

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 11 (a)

Links and Key Points from the webinar above:

  • Ritsu-mate application portal is always open to "Create your Account" but applications can only be made during the application period to "Register your Application" 
  • They followed the Application Guide and the Application Handbook while submitting the application. 
  • The host completed and prepared documents, essays, and the registration form before the "Register" process.
  • The Ritsu-mate Manual is also a detailed step by step when submitting and uploading documents. 
  • Detailed questions about Ritsu-mate can also be found in the Ritsu-mate FAQ page and use the inquiry form.
  • The Ritsu-mate application portal only accepts 1 file per requirement. Applicants need to merge the files into 1 file for submission.
  • The example showed was using a Mac computer and similar process can be used for Windows computer. 
  • There is also a YouTube Tutorial done on a Windows Computer to view here


Webinar 12

Live Q&A Session. Chat and talking with students from ISSE.

In this episode, our hosts talks and chats with students from the Information System Science and Engineering Course (ISSE)
They are all current students that are studying at the College of Information Science and Engineering at Ritsumeikan University. 
This episode was a relaxed episode with questions that had been listed by visitors and high school students about the ISSE Course. Our host brought these questions up so that ISSE students can answer and hopefully help those thinking of joining the ISSE course can understand their course better.

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 12 (a)

Feel free to contact the ISSE Students through the International Admissions Office, for any further questions. 


Webinar 13

Autumn in Japan! Life and Experiences from Students

In this episode, our host invites students from three of our campuses, Kinugasa Campus, Osaka Ibaraki Campus and Biwako Kusatsu Campus to talk and chat. We find out about their Autumns and their lives in Japan. Come enjoy the presentations and experiences together. 

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 13

Some sections of this video has been edited for privacy reasons. 


Webinar 14

The University Entrance Eligibility? How it works with Ritsumeikan.

In this episode, our host covers the University Entrance Eligibility requirements for universities in Japan. We discover how does Ritsumeikan, through the Application Handbook for AO English-medium basis, set their University Entrance Eligibility. As all universities in Japan in some manner report to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Technology (MEXT) in Japan, they all release policy documents that adheres to the regulations set by the Ministry. The University Entrance Eligibility is one of the requirements necessary to allow students to study at a University in Japan. Come join as our host explains the specifics of each requirement.

Webinar Wednesdays Episode 14 (a)

There are some video and presentation slides lag. This is due to the edit and recording media. We apologize for the issues and are finding ways to ensure better recording in the future. 


Webinar 15

Virtual Campus Tour -  Osaka Ibaraki Campus

In this episode we have a new friend help us from the International Admissions Office. With proper permission, we tour the Osaka Ibaraki Campus. It was done over a live-stream as we look at the campus facilities available to students who are based at the Osaka Ibaraki Campus.
Filmed in Covid19 times, October 2020, there were some restrictions and limitations that were in place, with limited people on campus. Ritsumeikan University campus is slowly returning. Come join our programs, and who knows this could be where you will be based for study.


Webinar 16

Come Discover the College of Policy Science!

In this episode, our host talks about what is policy science and the spectrum the discipline covers. Our host also interviews our student to talk and discuss about what they expected when starting the Community and Regional Policy Studies major and the skills they have received over the year. 

From the interview with our student:

  • Policy Science covers a wide range of study disciplines
  • You learn skills to help you with your future work and study
  • It is a great major to go in if you are still unsure about your graduation path


Webinar 17

Virtual Campus Tour -  Biwako-Kusatsu Campus

In this episode we have a new friend help us from the International Admissions Office. Following campus mandates and regulations, we tour the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC). We take a look at the vast and large grounds and spaces provided to students at BKC
It was a cold windy day at BKC, as winter was starting its full approach here in Japan. Come join our programs, and who knows this could be where you will be based for study.


Webinar 18

Happy New Year 2021 - What is New Years like in Japan?

In this episode, our host welcomes everyone to a new year in Japan. Happy New Year 2021. Our host shares the experiences of what it is like in Japan during end of the year to after the new year. We can all learn the cultural traditions and experiences that is unique to Japan. Why not come to Japan and study? You can experience New Years in Japan with the locals.  We wish you good health and safety in 2021. あけましておめでとうございます!


Once you're done watching the above episode a few minutes on our post-Webinar survey, would be greatly appreciated!


Webinar 19

Exploring the month of February - What do you do in Japan?

In this episode, our host introduces how Japan spends the month of February. How do you spend February in your country? Through this episode students can understand a bit more about how February will look like when they come, live and study in Japan. It is a cultural talk that explains the holidays, traditions and common events that happen in Japan. There are more local events that you can experience in Japan. Come apply and study in Japan!

Once you're done watching the above episode a few minutes on our post-Webinar survey, would be greatly appreciated!